Biography Of Nadim Kassar

Nadim KassarWhen speaking about the determined young generation, the will, the valor, the unbiased governance, you refer to the character of Nadim Kassar.

Nadim Kassar has developed and boosted his enterprise and banking career inspired by this motto:

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision” –  Theodore Hesburgh

He is the child of a traditional and important Beirut family, recognized for its high business and personal values, resolve and persistence. These attributes have instilled in Nadim Kassar the insight and also the know-how prerequisites to embark and develop a results oriented business that aims at reaching with efficiency, the very carefully selected targets and objectives without comprising his values, though staying very centered on an ambitious tactical vision.

Nadim Kassar is the father of four children, Mira (born in 1988), graduated with a Master Programme in Fashion Promotion from the Istituto Marangoni in London and also holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration, concentration in Marketing from the American University of Beirut, Tamara (born in 1991), studied Business Administration at the American University of Beirut and law at the Lebanese University, Tania (born in 1994), studying Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut, and Adel (born in 1999) student at the Collège Protestant Français, Lebanon.

Nadim is very proud of his heritage. His grandfather Wafic Kassar was a talented judge well respected because of his unwavering rules and his commitment to the Lebanese people. Wafic Kassar was ambassador to Pakistan then to Turkey. He was the initiator of the School of Law in Lebanon and its initial dean and held this position until he retired. Still, Wafic Kassar is regarded as one of Lebanon’s most prominent and looked-up to judges.

His uncle Adnan Kassar is a ground-breaking leader recognize across the globe.  Adnan Kassar is a Minister of State Lebanon and previously held the title of Minister of Economy and Trade. He lead the Federation of Lebanese Chambers of Commerce, Marketplace and Agriculture for thirty years in addition to establishing and heading the Lebanese Economic Organization.

His father Adel Kassar is a recognized banking persona and a successful businessman. He is the Deputy Chairman and CEO of Fransabank sal and also Chairman of multiple Fransabank Group subsidiaries. He was also Chairman of the Association of Banks and Honorary Consul of Hungary.

Nadim Kassar, influenced by the leadership characters of his uncle and dad, has leaned on their great business knowledge to commence, mature and grow his career. Nadim holds a degree in  Business from  the American College of Beirut. For the duration of his college time, he used to spend a great deal of time at A.A.Kassar, the investment corporation of Adnan and Adel started in 1949. Promptly after his graduation, he joined them to soon develop into the Genral Manager. Along with his duties in A.A.Kassar, Nadim used spend the afternoons with his uncle and father in Fransabank to complement his organization information with banking and finance know-how and expertise.  He joined the bank in 1990, as General Manager. His goal, to advance a profession which has already been marked with crucial achievements and promises there’s far more to come.